We want to help all of our children to develop into creative, confident writers. Through a multi-sensory and interactive teaching approach we hope to enable children of all ages and abilities to learn to write a wide range of text types. Activities we use to teach writing include:

  • Listening to and exploring texts and stories;
  • Taking part in drama and role-play;
  • Story mapping;
  • Using oracy techniques:
  • Collecting adventurous vocabulary to use appropriately;
  • Building their working knowledge of grammar;
  • Using Alan Peat’s exciting sentences.

Talk for Writing is used as a basis for how we teach writing across the academy. Children work on 2 – 3 week writing cycles, looking at the features of texts, learning how to edit and improve them before writing their own. Added to this, we use text interrogation to identify all of the key grammatical features in the texts and use these as a base to edit and improve in the middle of a writing cycle. Children use a range of box up plans, text maps and timelines to help support and improve their writing. Throughout the academy we use a system developed by the educational specialist Alan Peat. The aim is to teach children how to use particular types of sentences and each sentence has a memorable name. The sentence types are designed to help children to write exciting, sophisticated pieces of writing that use the right tone for their purpose.

When starting a new writing project children learn the underlying structures and features of the text type they are exploring by studying and learning a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like). They then learn and practice the skills needed to replicate the WAGOLL for their own topics and ideas. This includes selecting and using appropriate Alan Peat sentence types. When ready the children are then supported to plan, write and redraft their own text.