Pupil Leadership Team

At Macaulay we truly cherish our children’s abilities, thoughts and feelings. We respect their ideas, wishes and appreciate how much they want to move our school forward. The school understands the need for encouraging pupils to be heard and listened to, therefore the Pupil Leadership Team at Macaulay was formed. The team consists of children from KS1 and KS2 who all bring their own strengths and personalities to help run the school.

Meet the Team

Main Leadership Team

The job of this team is to assist Mr Herrick in leadership responsibilities such as: leading assemblies; showing visitors around school; monitoring the prefects and be a good role model for all Macaulay’s students

Head Boy and Head Girl with their Deputies – Year 6

Head Boy


Head Girl


Deputy Head Boy


Deputy Head Girl


Leadership Team – Year 1 to Year 5

Y1 – Jake

Y2 – Leila-Rose

Y3 – Myles

Y4 – Emily

Y5 – Mason

House Captains and their Deputies

At Macaulay each child belongs to a House Team. Our 4 houses are Hogwarts, Narnia, Oz and Wonderland. To encourage and support the children in these houses we have appointed House Captains, with Deputies to aid them. Their job is to make sure that children in their houses are spending their school days following the 3Rs of Macaulay’s ethos: Respect, Reflection and Resilience. When children have shown one of the 3Rs during the school day then they receive House points. Each Friday the House Cup is awarded to the House with the most house points. The winning House Captain receives the cup on behalf of their house and the cup is adorned with the house colours.

Hogwarts Captain


Hogwarts Deputy


Narnia Captain


Narnia Deputy


Wonderland Captain


Wonderland Deputy


Oz Captain


Oz Deputy


Prefects – all from Year 6

The main job of the prefects is to ensure good behaviour around school. They monitor the corridors at break and lunch times to ensure smooth transition between learning and break times. Prefects are behaviour role models for the school. They promote the Good To Be Green behaviour policy at all times.





















At Macaulay our library is everywhere. It is in every room, every corridor and even in the nooks around school. Books are everywhere – this does mean we need a lot of people to look after them. Our librarians keep our books tidy and presentable. They make sure that the books are on the correct shelves and in the right boxes.

Y3 – Edward

Y3 – Oilvia

Y3 – Colton

Y3 – Robbie

Y3 – Harmony

Y4 – Amelia

Y4 – Kailen

Y4 – Kaitlinn

Y4 – Lexi

Y4 – Oscar

Y5 – Wiktoria

Y5 – Louis

Y5 – Ellie

Y5 – Miley

Y5 – Isabella

Sports Ambassadors

Our sports ambassadors have a very important role in school. They help to organise games and activities for younger children in the playground and are responsible for handing out & collecting in play equipment. Being behaviour role models is a very important part of their job, this ensures that the playground is safe and happy place to play.

Y4 – Shaylea

Y4 – Kayla

Y4 – Leighton

Y4 – Layton

Y4 – Tosia

Y4 – Lexi

Y4 – Toby

Y5 – Evie

Y5 – Connor

Y5 – Wyatt

Y5 – Maci

Y5 – Bella

Y5 – Sam

Y5 – Yasmine

Y6 – Keighley

Y6 – Alan

Y6 – Dennis

Y6 – Alex

Y6 – Brooke

Y6 – Eric

Y6 – Mehran


In this ever changing world, making sure we look after the environment is becoming increasingly important. Our Eco warriors are part of the leadership team to ensure the children and adults at Macaulay are doing their best to keep our school eco-friendly. This team is working towards getting their school Bronze Eco-School Award.

1KR – Evelyn

1AH – Toby

2KA – Tianna

2AP – Theo-Jai

3PB – Louie

3AG – Jacob

3NH/JY – Ryan

4AH – Kima

4KT – Jamie

4EL – Riley

5PT – Whitney

5DB – Lexi

6KH – Riley

6EA/LH – Layla

6SB – Alfie

The Pupil Leadership Room

This is an area of the school that is used by the Pupil Leadership to meet and discuss ideas within their smaller teams. Each team has a staff lead that will notify the teams of any up and coming events they need to organise or any issues there have been around school. Teams meet on a regular basis to bring any information they have from their classes and year groups to be discussed with the rest of the team. This is a safe place for all the team to contribute without judgement or discrimination.