At Macaulay we aim to make science relevant to the lives of our children and allow them to engage with the subject; creating awe and wonder, whilst providing them with the secure subject knowledge and the skills and attitude that will prepare them for life in the 21st century. Through this approach we will establish lifelong learners and raise the aspirations of our learners by demonstrating the endless possibilities the subject holds; fostering them for a respect for the environment and the world.  

We aim to encapsulate all of the science-related knowledge (what you know), attitudes (what you think), experiences (what you do) and social contacts (who you know) that an individual may have, which will enhance their science capital.

Science at Macaulay allows children in each year group a foundation to build their science knowledge upon, incorporating ‘BIG’ questions, which provide children opportunities to ask their own science questions in a cross-curricular science-rich learning environment, where by children can apply their scientific knowledge and skills, developing independent, reflective and resilient learners.

In Nursery, we encourage our children to notice the world around them and their immediate environment, this includes similarities and differences in relation to; objects, materials and living things. Using their developing oracy skills, they talk about how these topics are both different and similar, using age appropriate scientific vocabulary within their science lessons.

In Key Stage 1, pupils are encouraged to reflect, consolidate and build on prior learning by investigating a range of topics; including working scientifically incorporating a variety of mini experiments. Pupils work in a range of ways to construct and ask simple questions, as they deepen their scientific knowledge and vocabulary. They make simple predictions, observations and learn to use scientific equipment safely and in different ways. Pupils in Key Stage 1 learn how to gather and record their own scientific data and start to interpret that of others.

In Key Stage 2, pupils lead their own scientific investigations by using a range of scientific approaches, as they are encouraged to deepen their scientific knowledge, working collaboratively. They interpret, record and share their data in a variety of ways and use this to draw conclusions. Pupils are challenged to demonstrate their scientific knowledge to others through presentational talk, using key scientific vocabulary. They then use their developing science knowledge to make further predictions and plan for subsequent investigations.

It is our intent that all children at Macaulay Primary Academy believe they can develop a passion for   science and its impact on the local area, the country and globally. We believe our varied science curriculum, provides a culture of awe and wonder where by children have the opportunities to explore other additional scientific experiences, participating in the annual Science Week activities, which allows the children to develop independent, reflective and resilient skills, incorporating sequences of learning, which are not covered within our lessons.

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