Physical Education

Physical education comprises of Dance, Games and Gymnastics. Children are involved in the process of planning, performing and evaluating their performance. Health related exercise is also part of this curriculum. Children learn about the changes that occur to their bodies as they exercise and the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. In Year 3 and 4 all children receive two weeks of swimming tuition every academic year. Children who do not achieve the required standard in swimming in Year 3/4 will be given the opporunity to further their skills in Year 6.

Our PE curriculum is supported closely by the local Schools Partnership Trust who provide regular inter school competitions and CPD for staff. Premier Sports coaches are used in school to provide some PPA cover, as well as CPD for staff. Premier Sports provide many of the academy's extra curricular sports clubs, including; archery, multi-skills, gymnastics, football and many more. All activities are offered to children from EYFS to Y6.