Our BIG question curriculum

Our Big Question approach towards our curriculum is designed with progression, achievement and experience as its core whilst consciously balancing skills and knowledge. As children move through the academy the skills and knowledge they acquire are revisited, consolidated and built upon, in order for the children to have the opportunity to achieve in all areas.

Every half term a BIG Question will be presented to the children for the whole academy to work towards answering. For example in Autumn 1 all children worked towards answering - Who has changed our world? To kick start the learning we had a full day celebrating the work and achievements of Roald Dahl and thought carefully about how he has changed the world around us. These academy wide days allow children to be fully immersed into the Big Question theme from day 1 and to collaborate with other children in other year groups. Within the BIG Question, all year groups worked towards answering their own ‘little’ BIG Question, for example Year 2 answered the question - How have significant people changed our world? Whilst Year 6 studied - How can we learn from the decisions of others that have changed the world? A showcase event is held at the end of each BIG Question where children can present their new learning and skills in a creative, articulate way. Children then draw upon their knowledge from this learning and prior skills and knowledge to answer both the BIG Question and the ‘little’ BIG Question.

High quality visits and visitors enhance our curriculum by providing real life experiences linked to classroom learning. Community involvement is an integral part of our curriculum, with our children celebrating local history and the successes and achievements of local people.

When our children leave the academy we want them to be prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in modern Britain.


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