Design Technology

Design and Technology Intent

Design and Technology at Macaulay Primary Academy aims to encourage our children to be creative thinkers with an ability to analyse and refine ideas to achieve.

Our emphasis on creativity twinned empathetically with practical use supports our students to reflect on their design ideas and improve using their own initiative. All D and T projects support topic work and deepen the learning journey providing purpose for their outcomes.

Children start to explore in Foundation Stage using their imagination through modelling materials to make different end products. Ways of joining are discussed and developed securing a solid foundation for the children to start D and T work in Year 1.

In KS1 children explore the idea of assembling models further. Children are given objectives to create imaginative products with a purpose, looking at inspirational designers to support the learning process. A heavy emphasis is placed on evaluation from an early age to encourage our children to be critical problem solvers.

By KS2 children are proficient at the design process and will select materials fit for purpose. Ideas are evolved at every stage of the design process. Children work with their peers to modify designs and select successful elements to work closer to the design brief.

It is our intent that children have aspirations in Design and Technology and are able to enter the world with skills to create and problem solve.

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