The Computing curriculum at Macaulay Primary Academy is exciting, rich and challenging. It equips children with the capability to use technology throughout their lives.

All children have access to one hour of Computing a week. They gain experience with hardware such as desktop computers, iPads, tablets and Bee-Bots. Most of our curriculum is delivered through Purple Mash, which can be accessed at home as well as in school. Our children learn how to use data, information and communication technology responsibly. We ensure that they can reap the benefits of the online world with the knowledge of how to keep themselves and others safe.

In Early Years:

  • learning environments feature ICT scenarios based on experience in the real world

In Key Stage 1 children:

  • gain an understanding of algorithms
  • write simple programs
  • use data in a range of digital formats

In Key Stage 2 children:

  • develop their use of logical reasoning while designing and debugging programs


E-Safety is promoted throughout the curriculum, not just through the computing curriculum. Find out more here: