Art Intent

Art and Design at Macaulay Primary Academy encompasses our 3 main school aims-resilience, responsibility and respect for learning. All children are guided through scaffolded support to create imaginative, creative pieces of art that embodies their own view of the world around them.

Our art curriculum has been designed in order to build on previous skills taught to show a clear path of progression whilst allowing children the freedom to explore their own ideas. A key focus is acquisition of language. Children are taught key art vocabulary from an early age. This begins in the Foundation Stage where children actively explore mark making and patterns. Children have ownership over their creativity and imagination is nurtured and encouraged.

In Key Stage 1, children build upon this with structured lessons. Children learn about line, shapes and colour with an emphasis on colour mixing. Children draw inspiration from artists and reflect on their own work. Our rich curriculum provides children with opportunities to experience all types of media in KS1 so that by the end of KS2 they can start to select and evaluate the impact of these materials to convey the message they wish.

In Key Stage 2, children learn further skills about mark making and medium techniques to create artwork. They compare artists’ views and images to directly inspire their own work. Children are encouraged to find inspiration for art all around them, as noted in out outdoor art focuses. By the end of Year 6, children are equipped with skills to explore their thoughts and feelings through art, linking to our school priority on mental well being.

It is our intent that all children at Macaulay Primary Academy believe they can achieve in art and we believe our varied art curriculum, through competitions and collaborative projects engenders a life long love for the subject.

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