Views of the Academy

Please see below some of the positive comments we have received from parents, pupils and businesses.

Yesterday I encountered a number of pupils an staff from your school while on a visit to The Deep in Hull. I just wanted to write and congratulate them on how considerate and well behaved they were while there. 

My daughter is only one and just started walking so I was a little nervous seeing so many bigger children around, but they smiled at her, and patiently waited their turn at exhibits so younger children could see properly. 

Staff seemed to have good control over their classes without the need to shout (which I have seen all too often on school trips elsewhere) and they were often seen talking to the children about the exhibits, rather than just marshalling them around. 

I think members of the public are all too often keen to complain about children behaving poorly and forget to notice when they behave well. So thank you to your staff and students. - Staff Member (The Deep - Hull)